Let's go for a walk Fluffy By Evan Hocking

I went to the Anzac Day game at the MCG last Thursday and before the game something I saw really bewildered me. No, I didn't see a Collingwood supporter with teeth. Just outside of the Punt Road Oval I saw a man with a rabbit on his shoulder.

The people in the group and I looked at each other in amazement and I could tell we were all thinking the same thing. "Are we actually seeing this?" I could understand if he had a top hat and a cape as well. Ok that explains it, he pulled a rabbit out of his hat. He's a magician. Even if he had a parrot on his shoulder and an eye patch, fair enough. He's a pirate. But this guy had a rabbit on his shoulder and was wearing a comouflage t-shirt, like no one was meant to see him.

As he walked towards me I thought I can't let this slide because this will haunt me later in life if I don't get an explanation. So as he approached, I said "What's the go with the rabbit mate?"

He gives me this look, like I'm the strange one and keeps walking. The group I was with started laughing and I thought, "Did I just get burned by a man with a rabbit on his shoulder?"

As if he was walking away patting his rabbit saying, "What was that weirdo's problem Fluffy"

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Got his start in radio in Port Douglas but has bought his punchy delivery and observational style back to Melbourne. A regular at sporting clubs and functions around Victoria.

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