I Live In a Tough Neighbourhood By Douglas Pedro

I was walking down the road during the morning in my neighbourhood, which has a pretty bad reputation, and I overheard two guys talking to each other.

"This guy ran straight up to me, I shot him twice and he survived! I couldn't believe... So I pulled out my knife and finished him off."

I thought to myself, the party at the river bank must have gone a bit crazy last night. Damn!

I was in a little bit of shock hearing this confession so when the other guy went to talk, I listened a little closer to hear what he had to say.

"I hate dying by knife, this is the worst part about playing Counterstrike"

in Alvorada - State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Brazilian standup comedian who once had a girl tell him that his sister is pretty. And then she asked what happened to me...

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