Fussy Grandma By Diya N

Old people can be fussy, especially if you speak better English than them.

I was 14, nearly 15 and made to travel from Bulgaria to England on a plane, with a stewardess. Those of you who've done it know it's extremely embarrassing to be travelling with such a person at that age. Anyway, I was sat next to a plump old woman, who was travelling with her granddaughter. They were going to New Jersey.

This old woman was a funny character; she judged every article I read in the newspaper, made comments on people's fashion choices, and, most funnily of all, acted as if she were the president.

"Do you know how to say wine in English?" she asked me in Bulgarian, glancing at the incoming trolley. "WHITE wine," she clarified. "Yeah. Sure."

So I ordered her white wine, and she sipped it like an offended princess. I thought that was it, until she started telling me I wasn't eating enough. According to her, my pasta and chocolate cake wouldn't eat themselves.

Later, she frowned at her own granddaughter. "Are you going to eat that cake?" "No, grandma." "Eat it." "No!" "...Should I eat it then?"

Fortunately, the plane landed then. But not before she made me order a sprite, a cola and extra helpings of potato.


Hey everyone! I enjoy writing, drawing, poker, classic rock, muscle cars and travelling :)

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