He/She Who Laughs Last 3 By Di Sims

This was our last birthday prank because Pete’s dear wife asked us to call it quits. She proclaimed “you are both winners.”

We drove Pete and Judy to the airport as they were heading to the US for a 4 week trip. Pete’s birthday would also fall and be celebrated in peace in the States. They checked in their luggage and we found a bar to have a drink and a final chat. We said our goodbyes in the bar and I ran to the customs/immigration tunnel and hid.

When they were approaching the entrance I ran up and grabbed Pete by the leg begging him very loudly “Please don’t leave the kids and I. Please darling we love you so much” He grinned and said “Go home Di we’ll see you in 4 weeks” but I clung to his leg and sobbed “the kids are all out in the car park and they are crying cause daddy is leaving us.”. A Federal policeman came up and asked is everything alright. I had to stop but I think Pete was half tempted to see me arrested so I winked and said “Gotcher, have a good trip”. Pete explained the situation to the Fed.

Judy rang a few days later from LA and said they had a terrible trip because some of the passengers must have told the staff about my pleading. She said people on the plane walked past them gave her dirty looks and grunted. She wasn’t even game to lean on Pete to have a snooze. I got the last laugh but I am still nervous every birthday.

in Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia


Di is a retired Disability Officer-aged between menopause and death. She loves cruising, caravanning, Bali trips and has some odd items on her bucket list to cross off.

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