He/She Who Laughs Last 2 By Di Sims

Why did we have to outsmart/trick one another? Pete (friend's husband) had invited a few people to spend the Easter with his family and celebrate a very important birthday. We were having a pre party lunch on Good Friday at Pete’s with some guests who thought of themselves as “society”, one bragging of the pink Merc her hubby bought her- she was colour coordinated with her car. I glanced out the window to see our dirty Landcruiser and grinned at the thought of my crew clambering in the Merc after football or the beach. Mrs Society chattered on about shares and her superb performance at golf last weekend was interrupted when 3 burly men in overalls walked into the lounge room and announced “If you can’t pay for the furniture we’re here to repossess it”. Pete knew one of the guys and said “come on Tom , Di’s put you up to this”. Mrs Society was speechless and nearly fainted when Tom said “off the lounge madam ..it’s not paid for”. She jumped up, didn’t spill a drop of the Chardy and almost fainted with all the excitement. Pete on the other hand continued to protest explaining to the guests it was all a party trick. The boys had already carried 2 lounge chairs, a coffee table and a couple of paintings up the driveway. I could no longer contain myself. “OK Gottcha buddy… thanks Tom & friends” I giggled and I had to add “ the lady in the pink will pay”.

in Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia


Di is a retired Disability Officer-aged between menopause and death. She loves cruising, caravanning, Bali trips and has some odd items on her bucket list to cross off.

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