He/She Who Laughs Last By Di Sims

For years a friends husband and I played pranks on one another on our birthday. One birthday was a quiet affair but when I left work I was gobsmacked as there on the footpath was Pete handing out flyers. People were looking at me smiling and some were giggling. Pete rushed over, kissed me on the cheek and whispered “Gotcher… Happy Birthday”. He handed me a flyer which read. For A Good Fun Time Call Di on (correct phone number). Pleasure is her second name. It had an old photo of me in a skimpy bikini.

I ran panicked to my car and cried all the way home. How could he do this to me, we had an arrangement… no risk of property damage and no unethical behaviour. I was devastated, he had given these flyers to many professional people I had to liaise with from day to day. Pete followed me home although I was unaware he was there. He caught me at the front door. “Gotcher well and truly” he yelled. I let fly with abuse reminding him of our ethical agreement. “Relax birthday girl” he calmly announced. That flyer was a one off copy, here’s the flyer I handed everyone else. It read - Please smile and grin at Di. Don’t speak to her. This is a birthday trick and part of her birthday surprise. Next time you see Di just remind her that Pete got the last laugh.

I was in instant get even mode and started wondering how I could make him pay. I did but that’s another story as are the earlier tricks we played.

in Mid North East Coast. Australia


Di is a retired Disability Officer-aged between menopause and death. She loves cruising, caravanning, Bali trips and has some odd items on her bucket list to cross off.

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