Sexy Eyes By Debora Polto

My roomie tried to cook but couldn't turn the oven on - he accidentally left the gas on though.

On this very day as I tried to cook all I saw was a Hollywood proportion explosion right on my face, burning my eyebrows, eye lashes and parts of my hair. No major damage, but I looked like an alien to say the least! My lashes were basically gone!

And on that very evening I went to a night club with big and full falsies and thought they made me look so sexy, I even had a guy flirting with me!

I felt really confident and was absolutely sure my falsies were doing the magic as he couldn't stop looking deep into my eyes... that was until I went to the loo only to find out one of the falsies was totally gone!

And the other one was hanging by the tip of the eye!!!

in Buenos Aires, Argentina


I am a make up artist who loves a good laugh!

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