Captured. By David Colquhoun

I was captured, unwittingly by a German woman. I had been desperately single for a while and was easy prey for this woman. We met on a train station. She approached me and we struck up a conversation. We went out a couple of times, slept together, and before I knew it, had moved in together.

Everything was going well, until she declared her love for me and wanted to take me back to Germany to live with her. I didn't want to go to Germany to live.

I now had a big problem. I didn't have the courage to say I didn't love her. So how could I get out this situation.What was I to do?

I started watching re-runs of "Hogans' Heroes" to get ideas how to escape. This approach wouldn't work. She was a lot smarter than Colonel Klink. She would know I was digging a tunnel. What else could I do? I watched the "Great Escape" with Steve McQueen. That was no good either. I can't ride a motorbike.

I was left with one choice. It was frightening, but it was my only option. I would have to pluck up the courage, grow some metaphorical balls and tell her that I didn't love her and that I wouldn't be going back to Germany with her.

She took the news bad, as I thought she would. She was very angry and said I wasn't her girlfriend any more. It was a freeing feeling. I no longer felt captured.

She moved back to Germany alone. I wish her all the best.

I helped her load the furniture.

in Victoria, Australia


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