Trust your dad By Dave Crankston

I was about 10 I think, My mum had just married my new step dad. Things were great, we were going on a family holiday to the Sunshine Coast.

He was in the Army, fixing electronic things, this guy must be pretty smart.

On the way to the coast, beside the highway there are kilometres of pine tree plantations. We start talking about how funny it looks with them all so skinny and straight and neat, when it happened.

"You know David, see that paddock of trees there? That whole paddock only makes one box of matches", ....'Yeah right, as if, ha...". "No I'm serious, because of all the knots and slight bends in the trunks, by the time they whittle them down on a big machine, they only get enough wood for one straight square matchstick per tree" ...'oh.., k...fair enough'.

I'll remember that fact and impress all my friends at school... I can't wait.

School wasn't fun that year...

And I'm still not sure if when he said that they use seaweed to make ice-cream is true, but until I find out otherwise, I'll argue with you that it is, because my dad said it is.

in Queensland


People say things like " I wish i had an interesting life like you"... no you don't. weird shit, lucky shit, shit, happens to me, that seems cool sometimes, but its not all fun. Im my own normal.

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