The water didn't wash everything away (Part 3/4) By Dave Crankston

..he points to a pile of screwed up roofing iron next to a tree on the edge of the creek over the far side of his paddock and tells me that's his shed.. then points about 100m away to where it used to be. This isn't a little shed, it was a decent sized farm shed. We get close to the shed and I spot the slab it was on to the right, it seemed closer than where he pointed just before, we soon discover that the entire slab had been lifted out of its footings and swept towards the creek.

Before we start, Steve tells us that his neighbour's house got swept away, with his neighbour still inside. It's just to hard to imagine it when you are standing in the paddock that was previously underwater with houses floating across it. We look in the creek and find a fair few cars, all with police tape meaning they have been checked, except for one we can see upside down just above the water flowing through the creek, for our peace of mind we convince ourselves that the tape must have fallen off that car.

We walk back up the creek bank to the pile of metal twisted amongst fence posts and snapped gum trees to start trying to salvage what we can from the pile. Things started to seem a bit more normal for a bit, I ask Steve if he has a shifter to undo the roofing screws from the smashed trusses... he starts to scratch his head and wonder around the edge of the creek..." I've got one here somewhere ..." we laugh, and I continue to undo them with the rusty pliers.

(cont part 4)

in QLD, Australia


People say things like " I wish i had an interesting life like you"... no you don't. weird shit, lucky shit, shit, happens to me, that seems cool sometimes, but its not all fun. Im my own normal.

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