The water didn't wash everything away (Part 1/4) By Dave Crankston

January 2011 Floods at Murphys Creek/Postmans Ridge QLD.

I left this morning to head down the Toowoomba range to find somewhere that needed volunteers for the clean up.

I saw the turnoff to Murphy's Creek and put my indicator on as if i was turning an ordinary everyday corner.... drove up the road, up and down over little hills, looking left to right as i get to each low point to look for the debris line in the trees... far above my car, thinking it was just bad because it was a low point etc. then i come over another small hill and down again...but the land flattens out now.... and the debris line is still the same.

I drive a bit further up the road til i get to Murphy's Creek pub, where I find out from a guy on the side of the road helping to direct traffic in T-shirt and shorts that they are co-ordinating the volunteers. Cars, Energex trucks, SES and rural fire brigade trucks all over the place. I park go inside and get told I can wait here with the others to help in town, or head to Postmans Ridge where they still need heaps of people, I sign my name and head back to the car.

At this point I hadn't seen anything massively bad, a lot of stuff on fences, a water tank on the train tracks, but no demolished houses or anything. Things seemed like they must have already got most of the clean up done, or I was in the wrong area almost?

(continued part 2)

in QLD, Australia


People say things like " I wish i had an interesting life like you"... no you don't. weird shit, lucky shit, shit, happens to me, that seems cool sometimes, but its not all fun. Im my own normal.

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