How to make a driveway and plough a field with an ex By Dave Crankston

Ok, so I've bought a patch of scrub an hour west of Brisbane, 3 acres, as much as I wanted 100 or more, 3 would have to do for now. I decided I wanted to do as much as I could from things I already had, or could make, or trade for, kinda like what it would of been like for the pioneers back in the day, building something in the middle of nothing. It was fun. Problem was, it was pretty overgrown, and really hard dirt, and I needed some sort of driveway and half an acre ploughed up to grow veggies... I didn't have a tractor.. you can't just build a tractor.. I did however have a wooden shipping pallet, some rope, a few star pickets and a now ex girlfriend.

Its easy, just poke the star pickets through the gaps in the pallet, wire them so they don't move, tie the pallet to the back of your 4wd, then get your now ex to sit on the pallet, and drag her up and back, and her weight pushes the star pickets into the ground to plough it up!!

Then to make a driveway, just take the star pickets out, it will clear all the grass and small trees etc, you can go a bit faster without the star pickets digging in, so make sure to tell her to hold on if your going to try this. I told her to wave out if I was going to fast, but she kept her hands on the pallet the whole time so I managed to get a good bit of steam up, it was such a nice driveway, loved that driveway.

in QLD, Australia


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