Don't worry mate, I'll sort it out By Dave Crankston

Have you ever had a mate damage a tool or a car or something of yours accidentally?

The norm is to either get a new 'whatever' or help you fix it...isn't it?

Not my mate lol. As he was reversing out of my property one day, just after I'd put the letterbox in, which was momentus for me, I had bought a bare patch of scrub and moved onto it in my tent with my dogs and my axe.. In the hope of getting a taste of what it was like for the guys in the pioneer days having to build something from nothing, so to me, a real letterbox, was awesome!!

Anywho.... after repeated warnings to "be careful of the letterbox" .."don't hit the letterbox"... oh fuck he's getting close..." lookout man, the letterbox !!"

Me running up to him waving my arms trying to tell him he's going to hit the letterbox... was interpreted as " wow, Dave thinks I'm doing such a good job at reversing he's jumping and waving and cheering" .... I was about 100m away when I seen him enroute to the letterbox, so it took a bit to get his attention I guess..

Sccraaaaaaape.. good one fuckwit... now my letterbox is all bent over at 45 degrees, the box is ok, but the post is stuffed...

As he drives away, he says, "its ok man, I'll sort it out."

He sends me a facebook message a day later... "Sorry about your letterbox man, here, I wrote you a poem"

WTF AM I GOING TO DO WITH A POEM!!! Serenade my bent post back straight again.. idiot.. he's now my best mate

in QLD, Australia


People say things like " I wish i had an interesting life like you"... no you don't. weird shit, lucky shit, shit, happens to me, that seems cool sometimes, but its not all fun. Im my own normal.

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