Chopping an ear off isn't going to impress girls By Dave Crankston

I was about 18 or 19, not technically the right age for 'schoolies' celebrations, but close enough, for me. I was with a group of mates in Mooloolaba QLD, walking up a hill, to get somewhere in our half drunk state.. there were 2 or 3 girls with us, things were going well, but I needed an edge over the other guys... what could I do... I know..

So in my head, the plan was to run ahead and jump/push myself up onto the top of one the brick pillars of one of the houses fence. I was going to leap/spin, and land perfectly in a 'sitting on a chair' type position and pronounce "TaaDaa!!"

What actually happened hurt. Unbeknownst to me, behind the fence about a foot away, was a low garden bed made of bricks also, about 4 bricks high. Also unbeknownst to me, I had very little jumping/spinning/landing how I was meant to skill.... I got to the sitting position in one go, but had judged the landing wrong, sitting too far back... I fell backwards with my head screaming towards the edge of the garden bed... I had just enough time to turn my head so I only chopped my ear off not my whole face!! It didn't fall off completely, it was dangling kinda, the top half of my ear.

Schoolies night then turned into a freaked out driving mission to find a doctor/hospital only to end up at Caboolture hospital at 3am, to get a bandage put on and told there are no doctors on tonight that can fix it, "we'll make an appointment for you at Brisbane hospital for tomorrow". What was that? I can't ear you.

in QLD, Australia


People say things like " I wish i had an interesting life like you"... no you don't. weird shit, lucky shit, shit, happens to me, that seems cool sometimes, but its not all fun. Im my own normal.

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