Don't bike without scissors By Daniel Nest

During the early stages of dating, my fiancée used to come over to my place often. We lived quite close to each other, so she was able to bike from hers to mine.

One day she left my place on her bike. About 5 minutes she called me with panic in her voice:

"I hope you haven't left yet. I need help. I am stuck to my bike. Bring scissors or something."

Up to that point in my life I'd never encountered a situation where somebody would get stuck to their bike. Especially one that required scissors to "unstick" them.

Driven partially by the desire to rescue my girlfriend, but mostly by curiosity, I grabbed a pair of scissors and headed out the house.

I found her parked by the side of the road. She was holding the bike up with one leg, while the second one was still firmly planted on the pedal.

"Strange," I thought, "she doesn't appear to be stuck to the bike seat like I'd imagined it".

As I got closer I realised what had happened. When she had begun to bike one of her shoelaces wrapped itself around the pedal. Oblivious to this fact, she continued until her shoelace was so tightly wound around the pedal that she was neither able to untie it, nor remove her foot from the shoe. She was, for all intents and purposes, stuck.

After a few futile attempts to release her without resorting to drastic measures, I was forced to cut the shoelace to set her free.

Now we're getting married. Going through such an ordeal together really brings people closer, doesn't it?

in Copenhagen, Denmark


A Ukrainian guy who lives in Denmark and runs an English humour blog:

I also freelance. You can find my work on,, and other places online.

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