Penthouse Baby! By Craig Harrison

My friend Rob and I were trekking through Mexico and decided to spend a few days in Cancun when it ‘so happened’ to be Spring Break.

Upon check-in we were told our reservation could not be found. After enduring a 10 minute wait we were allocated a room. To our surprise when we entered the room a startled man arose from the bed, nude, asking what we were doing. Clearly this was not the right room. So another journey to reception before we on the move up the lift again. This time the bell boy pressed the 23rd floor and said “Very nice room”.

We opened the door but were a little disappointed to discover it was a typical room. Next I heard ‘Holy Shit,’ and turned to see Rob with the adjoining door ajar peering into the next room. Inside a bar, lounge setting and spiral staircase could be seen. We sheepishly walked in, explored the place then journeyed up the stairs to see if the room was vacant. To our surprise the stairs led to a private rooftop swimming pool. No one was present. It was ours!! Open popped the duty free alcohol to celebrate. We had the Penthouse!

We bumped into 4 Aussie lads who we heard saying that they were sure they had seen people splashing in a pool up on the roof somewhere. Rob and I looked at each other and both thought why not let others enjoy our fortunes too. So the next few nights were spent partying in some of North America’s best clubs and partying back in the penthouse with our new friends. Cracking trip!

in Cancún, Mexico


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