A night at a Hungarian strip club - never again! By Craig Harrison

My travel companion & I decided to check out the Budapest night life by going to a strip club. The lack of mood lighting & the fact that we were the only ones in there was a immediate give away that something wasn't quite right.

A female immediate jumped on the podium in front of us & began dancing while a waitress came to take our order. I asked to see the menu as the word 'scam' entered my mind. Drinks looked affordable at €5 each. By the time the drinks arrived a 2nd young lady was now on the podium. Shortly followed by a 3rd. Fair to say the calibre of 'dancer' in this place wasn't what we expected though, as one looked like she went to High School with my 50 y/o Aunt.

Two female 'workers' then sat next to us and talked us into buying them a drink. It was at this moment that I noticed a sign on the podium that read '€20 each time a dancer dances for you'. We had been there 10mins and 4 girls had danced. Time to get the bill. We laughed as we pulled out our wallets - we had been scammed.

Though when the lady rang up the bill we didn't realised we'd been scammed to the tune of €630!

Upon questioning, she informed us:

2 x €50 entrance fee 4 x €100 for first drinks (ours & ladies) - written on the bottom of the menu in size 6 font €80 for the dancers

We both instinctively looked at front & backs doors. Burly security blocked both as they stared at us. No escaping - only option to bite the bullet. Fair to say our trip was cut short 3 days due to lack of funds.

in Budapest, Hungary


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