Quantum Theory and LSD By Christopher Jordan

I'm sure most of you will be familier with the basic concepts of quantum theory, but I'll start slow, in case we have any dimwits reading.

The 'Ultraviolet Catastrophy' condundrum is the question of the behaviour of neutrons, protons and electrons as they geometrically rotate around the nucleus of an elements particle. But if they have no mass, which field of gravity keeps them together and in motion? So they invented the large Hadron fuckin' thing to find out...

And you think, 'YOU IDIOT!' Of course they have mass!! Obviously gravimetric force works differently on a subatomic level, i.e. Electromagnetic convergance!

So I took some LSD with a friend and discussed it a bit, then went to take a piss. And standing there, watching my own eyes in the mirror, I seen a hologram of myself in my own pupil! And I thought, '....woah! That's how perception works.' And then I figured out what they mean when they say time is just causality caused by the expansion of the universe, like a big elastic band..... But what happens when the universe retracts??

My theory is that time will either rewind, or it will stretch out in a different direction (whatever that may be).

Then again, if any of you actually know anything about physics, please don't point out that this is probably nonsense and that I'm a fool. I only got 6% in my fuckin' high school exam for Christ's sake.

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BE WARNED! My views and opinions are not for everyone. You should avoid reading anything I write if you respect religion, tolerance, sobriety or general human decency.

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