Orphan Whacking By Christopher Jordan

I was in Temi orphanage a couple years back working with disabled kids, mainly so I could use it as a line to pick up girls. Show a drunk chick a picture of you hugging a child with no legs, and that's about as sexy as I get. There are no child safety laws in that country which meant I could get drunk every day around them and not have to fill out a fuckin' compliance report. So it was a month long blur of cheap beer, fighting with dogs and hot but hairy women. The only issue was, Georgia is an orthodoxly Christian country, and everyone knows that religeous people in general are fuckin' annoying, right? And they kept giving me shit for telling the orphans there's 'no God'. “You must accept God into your heart”, they'd tell me. “I wouldn't let him use my bathroom”, I'd tell them and go on to counter-preach the teachings of Hitchens and Stanhope. As well as God and Santa, these guys also believed in NOT using medicine to calm down the mental kids. I was almost stabbed by a 6 inch rusty nail for your God! Anyway, no hard feelings. I got my own back with this big stick I kept above my door called the 'Datuna Stick'. When me and my friend left, everybody cried. Weird place!

in Tbilisi, Georgia


BE WARNED! My views and opinions are not for everyone. You should avoid reading anything I write if you respect religion, tolerance, sobriety or general human decency.

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