Boo'd Off Stage By Christopher Jordan

A couple nights ago, I did a gig in Edinburgh at a bar called footlights, and I got boo'd off stage by the elderly and one student, which was really satisfying. The show wasn't exactly the dank, dark, desperate den of depression I'm used to working. The headliner had to be at least 80 and a 'prop comic'. It was more like a kids party crossed with a baby shower than an alternative comedy show.

I went on after a kid who studied theatre acting and dance, and I did a bit about how too much wanking gives you dick spots. I couldn't have hoped for a better reaction from the ten people in the crowd. They fuckin' hated me! They laughed! They sat silent and stunned! They buried their teary red eyes in their sweaty hands, but they hated me!

It was beautiful! Plus, the promoter asked me to do another show and I got drunk for free.

in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


BE WARNED! My views and opinions are not for everyone. You should avoid reading anything I write if you respect religion, tolerance, sobriety or general human decency.

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