Army Life - having fun while on guard duty By Chris Simmons

It was the middle of winter and I had the good fortune of being on guard duty which involved keeping an eye on the M113 troop carriers and the perimeter of the compound. It was all calm until I started hearing someone around where our security shed was situated. I quietly moved closer to the confront whoever was there and then lowered my guard once I realised that it was my mate who making a long distance call to his girlfriend in Western Australia on the only unlocked phone. In those days, long distance calls weren't cheap! Anyway, I thought that it was a prime opportunity to play a joke on him and bashed the corrugated steel wall behind where was sitting. He was probably already on the edge of paranoia and the loud and sharp BAAANG made him let out one hell of a scream! I went around the front of the shed and started to laugh with him shaking and swearing at the same time – with the phone now strewn on the floor.

That was one of the many incidents that occurred while I was actively trying not to get in too much trouble or do too much extra work – which seemed to be our troop mantra.

in Holsworthy, New South Wales, Australia


Semi retired ex army serviceman, salesman and bus driver. Fully active ninja in the kitchen. I love to cook...

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