Just a kid By Chris Newton

Today I realised my son is a child first and a clay model waiting to be sculptured second. I'm a teacher and I am always looking for potential , a diamond less in the rough more in the mud. Often disappointed and disillusioned my events and pupils. So when it comes to my children I have high expectations , in morals, empathy and early academic performance. In the six weeks holiday I spent each day with my kids, talking, sharing their day and most importantly listening. Away from the work and pressures and with space and time I spent less time being a teacher and more time being a dad. Guess what, I have discovered who my children are. Not what problems their having in maths or how their handwriting is still poor. No , I now know jake has a wonderful imagination, how Oscar under that hard shell just wants to please his dad and not be put on a pedestal. I lost my dad this year. A father who had the balance just right between love and support and expectations. I now realise my kids need space and time to breath and become the people they want to be. I have a lot learn myself yet in life and a long way to go until I'm half the father figure my dad was to me.

in England, United Kingdom


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