Too much information By Caroline Knight

My friend Hannah and I were travelling the 'Gringo trail' in South America a few years ago and along the way we made a couple of travel companions Don, a tough Canadian trucker from the Yukon and Bret, a not so butch guy from Sydney with a distinctive lisp.

We spent a few days with them as they seemed to be taking the same route and we didn't mind their company. One evening in Buenos Aires we decided to stretch the budget a little and go for a decent dinner. We bought a meal each and decided to share them. We were busy tucking into each other’s meals when Don decided to get a few beers in for us all. When asked what he wanted Brett said that he wasn't drinking at the moment. When asked why he simply stated "because I have parashhhhhitesshhhh".

Safe to say we had lost our appetites in that moment and Don gave him such an angry tirade of abuse that the moment could not have really been more awkward. We left the restaurant and Hannah and I decided that perhaps Brett & Don from the Yukon weren't the greatest travel companion after all.

in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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