Work Timeline ... By Brett Harrison

At work we have a resident cartoonist. Our print room is littered with A4 pages of black and white drawings of people and events that have occurred at work. They generate a nice little timeline of the events over the past 30 years. It illustrates that the more things change, the more they stay the same! It is the most memorable and talked about part of the tour for visitors to the office.

I have met some of the people depicted in these drawings, well after staring at their cartoon many times while waiting for the charts to finish in the plotter. I felt like I knew them already. I knew which ones were the smelly farters! Which ones liked to look into hotel windows through binoculars at night! A picture is worth a 1000 words.

But the funniest cartoons are the one's which depict a small or insignificant feature, and have it amplified to the max! Someone's broken arm turned them into a cyborg! An increase in cyclists at work suddenly meant meetings occurred in the showers! A directive from head-office of no arm rests on chairs was transformed into future chair iterations, resulting in unicycles for all!

And we haven't even got to the sealed section! The private stash of sensitive and politically incorrect cartoons not fit for public consumption. Filed away under lock and key, and only viewed by the right people at the right time! These are by far his best work, but not able to be enjoyed as they deserve as they well and truly don't adhere to the "values" of the organisation!

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