Woo Hoo, It's Monday By Bill Jarrard

Years ago when I actually worked for a living (I like to tell people I’m not a consultant, I’ve just been successfully unemployed for 23 years) I always enjoyed getting in the lift at quitting time on Friday.

As I entered I’d say ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ and others would pipe up with something similar. But then I’d finish with ‘yeah, it’s great, only two days until Monday’, and of course everyone would moan or laugh at my ‘joke’.

But for me it usually wasn’t a joke, I really did love Friday because there were only two days until Monday, and I loved Mondays even more. And why wouldn’t I?

After all, the weekend was a time to relax, play with the kids, be with family and friends, get outdoors, even have a romantic dinner. It was time to recharge so the coming week started with energy and creativity.

I loved Monday. I’d arrive at my office by 7:00 am giving me an hour before my team arrived. This was my time to set my focus and goals for the week. That first hour of Monday wasn’t for ‘doing work’, it was for focusing and planning.

That was what Monday mornings were, and still are, all about. Planning what I’m going to do – today, this week, this month, and on occasion with the rest of my life. Then at the start of each day I take a few minutes to review, reflect, and if needed revise my focus and priorities.

We all have a lot of things to do each day, so if things are a bit overwhelming for you this week try to take some time to focus.

Maybe you'll even start to love Monday!

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