How Lucky is She? It's only a tumour! By Bill Jarrard

You know the scenario. The 'inspirational' speaker is introduced. She has survived a plane crash, he’s lost 90 KGs and has now climbed Everest, he’s an ex-con who now runs an international social enterprise.

What great stories, with lessons that motivate thousands. They’re set for a long professional speaking career – how lucky are they!

This is the background to the light-hearted exchange I’m having with my remarkable wife Jennifer Goddard. Jen’s story is amazing, high-school dropout, teenage mum, widowed at 21 about when she learns she’s dyslexic – explaining the school challenges.

Today she has a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, is a professional speaker, author of several books, including Brain Training for Kids, and editor of several others. She is founder of the Australian Memory Championships and was Chief Ops Manager for the World Memory Championships - Anthill Magazine named her Australia’s Memory Maven. And as my co-founder in Mindwerx International Jen has presented in 22 countries and coaches people worldwide.

Quite the story. But wait there’s more. Three weeks ago today she underwent 7 hours of surgery to remove a ping pong ball sized tumour pressing on her brain. Fortunately it was a benign tumour and the surgery went well, although it will take several weeks and possibly months to fully recover.

What a great addition to her story, the brain trainer who gets a brain tumour, how lucky is she!

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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