Quitting Smoking: save money, improve your health and ruin friendships. By Becky Lucas

I've been trying to quit smoking recently, I mean, not entirely, but just to the point where I only take them off 'real smokers'. Essentially, I've made the move from 'smoker' to 'most annoying person at the party'. Would you believe it, quitting is actually very difficult, not like the time I decided to quit renting out 'Little Women' every week from Video Ezy. I don't know whether it's just me but I don't think the anti- smoking campaigns they plaster on all the packets are particularly helpful. I think there has to be something more effective, personally I don't think my feet would start rotting without one of my friends saying 'uuhh Becky, your feet are starting to take the flesh form of a Peter Andre song'. A stronger deterrent for myself would be a picture of a mum hanging out the washing with a cigarette hanging from her mouth while her kids sit at her feet crying, and sharing a bowl of cheezels. Because THAT shit is terrifying. There are periods when my cigarette cravings get so bad that going to my local pub can be a strenuous ordeal. You know you are addicted to cigarettes when you are jealous of the girl who is cleaning out the ashtrays. Ultimately though, I'm feeling a lot better without my cancer wands and I imagine it is doing wonders for my health. However, if they ever manage to create non-harmful cigarettes, you'll find me at my local corner store practically eating them like a duck.


Stand up comic from Brisbane, Australia. Some people describe Becky as an Aussie battler, others just say 'oh yeah, she's a person'.

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