The Massage By Arman Shah

An hour of being stuck in the Jakarta traffic is enough to suck the living daylights out of anyone. You’re just seated there in the car, taking the saying “il bel far niente” to a mind-numbing extreme, and the lethargy that weighs itself upon you from prolonged inactivity is one-of-a-kind.

That established, my friends and I decided to reward ourselves with a full-body massage at a local parlour after a long day’s work. To avoid disappointment, I made a pre-booking and specifically requested female masseuses to knead the tension away from our bodies – because you know, the last thing I need is some beefy man breaking my bones with his humongous hands.

The time for the long-awaited massage finally came, and there I was in the room expecting a cute local female masseuse to cater to me. The person who eventually came in was local and female, but she was far from cute, or youthful for that matter. The woman was practically old enough to be my grandmother! And while she may not have been a beefy man with humongous hands, the pain she inflicted might as well have made her one. A massage I definitely won’t forget, as much as I want to.

in Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia


Hello! I’m Arman, resident travel writer at I love laughing at and being laughed at by people.

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