I Thought You Were Singaporean By Arman Shah

After a long but satisfying day of trekking the hills at Bako National Park, my friends and I found ourselves at Bako Village where we considered taking the cab back to our hotel in the city of Kuching.

A local taxi driver who eavesdropped on our conversation told us he’ll charge RM50 to bring us to town. While my friends and I discussed this offer amongst ourselves, the taxi driver suddenly approached us and said, “You guys are Malaysians? I thought you were Singaporeans! In that case, I’ll charge you only RM40!”

I’m not sure what gave our nationalities away, but he was right – partially. While my two friends were indeed Malaysian, I was – lo and behold – a full-fledged Singaporean. Just for kicks, we took up his offer. The next awkward hour basically saw me sitting in the front seat next to the driver, discussing the different ways to distinguish a Malaysian from a Singaporean.

in Kuching Sarawak Malaysia


Hello! I’m Arman, resident travel writer at AsiaRooms.com. I love laughing at and being laughed at by people.

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