The worst party I have ever planned By Ana Spoke

This happened not long after I have moved to Australia. I was very keen to find friends and also to become a "bronzed Aussie". So, naturally, I have joined a triathlon club. During that time I had to drive for an hour to work and quickly got addicted to Hamish and Andy radio show. One day Hamish and Andy announced a 36-hour "marathon party crashing" event - you submit your party and they would consider showing up (unannounced, of course).

It was during the Tour de France and I immediately hit on a genius idea of how I could get to meet Hamish and Andy AND meet more triathlon buddies: I was going to organise an awesome bike-themed party and invite everyone! I set to work furiously, found a bar with big screen TV that agreed to put Tour de France on, sent invitation letters to EVERY triathlon club in town, came up with a dress code (bike lycra, of course!) and in general obsessed and talked about it for weeks.

On the day I was there first, with my sister, both dressed in skin tight lycra. What I did not realise was that the bar (that looked great during the day) was a favourite spot for underage party kids. They were stoned. They were dancing on the bar. The music was beyond aughful (and I actually like techno!). We were constantly hit on by pimply adolescents (we are both 30+).

On a positive note, nobody showed up. NOBODY. We left after 1 hour and I never again went to a single triathlon training event. I am okay now (years of therapy), thanks for your concern.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Ana is a wannabe writer who still has to keep a day job. She is also a part time actor, but not a very good one (see the comment above re: day job).

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