One tale from Tales of a straight, single cat lady By Alexis Simmonds

I love craft! Craft genes run in my family, for example. When my uncle Ben was a lad he played up at school until they sent him to the home economics room as punishment! It was here that he was forced to sew, crochet and knit with the girls! Until he learnt his lesson!

He confessed to us that he did it on purpose as it was a good way to meet girls, as he really related to girls more than the boys. As a child I thought that he must have really liked girls, as he was an amazing knitter. So I’ve decided to be more like him and I had a think about how I could use craft to my advantage. Problem is I can’t find an all male home economics group to go and crochet at! So I just stay at home and crochet, thinking about men.

I don’t get out much... Can you tell? At least now I have my pets give me hugs... they even watch sunsets with me. As I’ve grown older I’ve realized that I need pets in my life, especially as I now live on my own. I had lots of pets growing up. My parents named the pets we had when we were growing up. There was Chemo, 1 and then there was Chemo 2... The name chemo apparently comes from the Inuit language and means cheers! Proving that my parents liked a drink. Then there was Soxy, Smokey, Sooty and Pixie the one eyed pirate cat. Proving again that my parents could have been happy and relaxed when they were naming the pets! Some say you can tell a lot about people from what they name their pets!

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


As a child I listened to stories, now I tell them sometimes singing them, sometimes improvising them..

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