When Internet dating really works By Alex Strike

Two years ago I decided to try online essay help and contacted one girl via Skype to learn some more details. Her name is Jane, and we still communicate with each other. We became very close friends, the best ones actually... And started to feel something much more than just a friendship.

The most interesting fact is that we didn't hear each other, and didn't see each other via web cam. We lived in different countries, and just dreamt to meet one day. A month ago she started to discuss our possible meeting in New York, the US. I did want to see her, but felt some fear at the same time. I shouldn't have! She appeared to be even better than I imagined, and we fell in love at once, as we knew each other so close already!

We see each other once a month at the moment, but my plans are to move to her city as soon as I can. What I wanna tell you. my friends: don't be afraid of meeting and dating new people online! Who knows, maybe your true love is waiting for you somewhere, and the Internet is the only thing you need to become closer with people you like!

in New York, NY


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