Beware of Russian Girls, Guys! By Alex Strike

It happened 2 years ago when I was in Egypt. You know, just a rest in the hotel, cocktails, the Red Sea, all inc., etc. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I was there alone. Well, nothing to do with that, such a loser I am)). Anyway, I stopped feeling myself a loser on the 3rd day, because two beautiful chicks from Russia decided to get acquainted with me. First I though it was because I was so handsome, sexy and witty, but... Gosh, I was so wrong! Guys, if you meet 2 hot Russian girls, think twice what they need you for! So... Everything was great, we talked, laughed, drank cocktails, and (as I hoped actually) they invited me to their hotel room. Well, I 26, so, you understand me – how could I refuse?! We came to the room (I'll be honest with you – I thought of sex with both of them), but what happened next became the most embarrassing thing I ever had with a girl! They tied me to a chair (it looked hot, and I was naive to think it was a part of our game), and... started to make love with each other! I had nothing to do but sit and look at two hot girls kissing and cuddling each other! These tortures continued in about 2 hours (men will understand my condition!!!), and when they finished (finally!), they just untied me, said “thanks for watching” and let me go! Do you think I should have said anything? I could not find any words! Today this story sounds funny among my friends, but then I felt myself like a real jerk! By the way, I never met those girls in the hotel again...

in New York, NY


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