No one tells you about the stockings By Adsy

The year was some time ago, I was 18, maybe 19. It was the festive season and the company I worked for were having our Christmas party. A mate and I had decided to it would be fun to dress up as women for the party, with the help of one of the girls we worked with. She was more than happy to accommodate us, and we went all out. Knee length dresses, stockings, high heels, bras, boobs, wig, makeup, the works. We got the venue before anyone else so we could stand out the front and see if anyone recognised us. Not one person that we worked with, and they all walked past us on the way in, gave us a second glance. When we entered and sat down, it wasn’t until we spoke that they all recognised us. Lots of laughs were had, but that wasn’t the end of it.

When we left, we got changed in the car park. By changed I mean we put on jeans and a shirt and took the wigs off. On the way however, we thought we’d stop for ice cream. We walked into the servo, both selected a Golden Gaytime and went to pay. The guy behind the counter was looking at us weird and we started talking about that on the way out. My mate said “You know why that guy was looking at us weird yeah?” I had started to respond in the negative but as I did I turned my head to look at him, and that’s when I realised we still had out makeup on from the night. Lesson learned: Being a woman is much harder work than I think we give them credit for. That, and if you’re going to dress up as women, stockings allow air right up there FYI guys.

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Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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