Flour Power By Adsy

I like to say that misbehavior at school was the result of being bored in class because I was too smart for what I was being taught. Let’s not dwell on this aspect of the story.

Tuesday was always exciting because we started out with home-ec (cooking) & then had chemistry. One day I decided it would be fun to steal some flour to use in the chemistry room. The chemistry teacher was always late to this class, so I took the opportunity while everyone was waiting outside the room to pour the entire contents of the bag of flour on top of the ceiling fan blades.

I made sure that I told my classmates what I was doing, no one seemed to care, but we all knew NOT to let the teacher turn on the fans. This was for the next class.

Everything was going fine during until the teacher said it was hot in the room. Immediately 3 or 4 people jumped up & opened windows. That wasn’t going to cut it, & the teacher said that she was still hot & turned on the fans. All the students started packing their belongings. It started out slow, little bits of flour falling off here & there, & then whoosh, the room was a cloud.

The teacher, obviously having no idea of what has just happened, & being in a chemistry room started yelling “EVACUATE! EVACUATE! EMERGENCY!” & hit the chemistry alarm button. We all made it outside covered in flour laughing. Funny joke, except that the fire department with chemical suits were now on their way. Apparently this is protocol for that particular alarm.

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Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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