Custard is a Killer By Adsy

When you’re a kid, logic when it comes to food doesn’t really make sense. You like some foods, are made to eat others, and will do whatever you can just to get a taste of some. I had, and continue to do so, have an unhealthy obsession with custard. I like all types, homemade, processed, custard tarts, donuts, ganache types, I want it all.

I was home sick one day from school, I know it wasn’t food related because of this story. Mum had gone out to the shops for a bit, so I was free to scoff down some Milo. A product meant for drinks or over ice cream, but not to be eaten out of the tin as every kid knows. I was looking in the pantry for some inspiration when I spied custard powder. I remember thinking “hmmm, I like custard”. That was all the thought I needed.

I grabbed a spoon from the drawer, opened the packet, scooped some out and shoved it in my mouth. This is where I nearly died. Much worse than a Milo cough, my mouth was instantly dry with a gluggy powder and I couldn’t breath. I was coughing and powder was flying out my mouth making me look like I was smoking. Finally made it to the kitchen sink where I got a glass of water and washed what I could out, while still coughing like crazy.

Even though I was only 11 at the time, I will never forget the day I nearly died eating my favourite food.

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Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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