Watch Where I'm Going By Addison Cooper

I tend to apologize fairly quickly. I'm not sure quite why, but "sorry" just slips out of my mouth - if I bump into someone, or if they bump into me. In college, I was voted "most likely to get punched in the face, and then apologize for it." I think they created that award just for me. It was a bit embarrassing, but it came with a flash drive, so I wasn't going to argue.

Several years later, I still hadn't quite kicked the "apology" habit, but I issued one apology that still hasn't died down. My wife and I were at a gelato store, and I was excited to walk the length of the case and explore the wide range of flavors. It looked like two dozen colorful trays of ice cream-like confection just waiting to be eaten. About halfway down the case, I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. I didn't make contact, but apologized quickly.

My wife heard, and started laughing. The gelato place only had twelve flavors. The other twelve I'd seen were only reflections in a particularly clean mirror. And the guy I almost bumped into, and then apologized to? That was me.

in Pasadena, CA


When not bumping into mirrors, Addison Cooper writes adoption movie reviews on his website.

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