When life goes pear shaped - chapter 4 By Abigail Browne

So imagine a 26 year old female from Australia that had been travelling solo around Africa for over 6 months and therefore already seen her fair share of confronting and need I say scary moments. I had whitnessed a stabbing in Johannesburg, had my bag nicked from under me in Durban, had my apartment robbed in Cape Town, but what you're about to read would have to be the icing on the not so sweet cake. It was a few days before Christmas and I was wanting to catch a bus from Lusaka, Zambia to Harare, Zimbabwe to meet up with my best friend who was visiting from Oz. When on a shoestring in Africa you don't take a coach, you travel with the locals on minibus taxis - an interesting African experience. After 8 hours squished between two very hot, smelly and invasive locals I was looking forward to a quick leg stretch before my onward journey. What I thought would be a quick stretch however ended up being a long walk alone in the dark as all the buses at the border were full and not taking passengers. With no phone reception I was left with no choice but to hitch a ride. Not my proudest moment but I had to weigh up my options. Walking along in the dark where evil lurks and lions roam or go with my gut instinct that the chubby faced black man win a trusting smile would be safe. Turned out thankfully that he was a good man and got me safely to my destination. Three heart thumping hours later I was sipping a well needed glass of red wine with an old friend under the African stars.

in Zambia and Zimbabwe


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