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I have always been fascinated by music and its ability to link us to people and times in our lives. There are songs that speak right to your heart. Songs that help you to make sense of the world. Songs that take you back yo your childhood cooped up in the car listening to a cassette of Kenny Rodgers as you drive to the family holiday house.

I remember sitting next to my friend Ash one afternoon in a PE (Physical Education) class in high school. Nestled in his ear was an earpiece with a whole lot of muffled noises coming from it.

'Sandy these guys are going to be huge' he assures me as he passes me the earpiece. The song playing was 'Read my Mind' by The Killers.

Three years later I find myself standing in a crowd of a few hundred people. My body perspiring as the gap between myself and the stage closes. I am no longer standing but simply swaying with the bodies around me. Ash was right The Killers did make it.

'Read my Mind' begins and there I am standing with Ash.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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