1st word GET, 2nd word OFF, 3rd word THE, Final word VEIL! By

Growing up my sister was always the girly girl. So it was no surprise that she looked like a princess on her wedding day. This included a veil that was almost 10 metres long. A slight exaggeration but when you have spent the day picking bugs, leaves and seaweed out of it. Fluffing it when she stopped and guiding it as she walked, 10 metres is about right! I like to think this was karma working on my sister and her ridiculous veil choice.

As the newlyweds make their way to the signing table I see my sister’s head leaning slightly backwards. At first I thought it was just her trying to avoid a double chin in her photographs then I realised that her veil had somehow wrapped around the priest’s shoe. Each step he took yanked her head further backwards. As I look out at the guest I see what looked like a group game of charades. A hundred hands gesturing for the priest to GET OFF THE VEIL! Luckily he realised before he ripped the entire piece out of her hair. A sigh of relief filled the room and the ceremony continued. Unfortunately the videographer missed it but somehow I think this memory will be etched in our minds forever.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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