Outdoors stories

Festival Problems

My dick... is... the weirdest fuckin' thing you'll ever see on a human body, on it's best day! And I know all dicks look like shit, hanging outta you...

Christopher Jordan

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Black bears and golden rules

Although my wife and I were excited about being in the beautiful Sequoia National Park, we were a little nervous spending our first night in "bear country"....

Luke Simmons

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Happy Days

Her bare feet dance across the soft green grass, her body poised gracefully like a dancer mid pirouette....

Jamie J. Buchanan

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Charity case walk

It was a charity event at work - our task; scale Ben Nevis. Simple. In many ways it was (for me) not so much for some others though....

Liam Fleming

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The Leaf Blower: a Symbol of All That's Wrong With Humanity

You’ll never see a woman using a leaf blower. Women have more sense than to lay their hands on the most obnoxious invention mankind ever dreamt up....

Baz McAlister

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Your Screaming is Making Me Nervous.

I haven’t met a person from Finland who wasn't a genuine, fear-inducing psychopath. When I finished school I worked in a remote gold mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region....

Andy Thompson

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