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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
October 9, 2012
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Having spent the first few months of my time in London drinking my savings away it was time to get real, get a job and find a real house. After paying rent and deposit my funds were seriously lacking and as such my diet changed from beer and curries to water and pasta, then I came across the winning combo.



Not my boat!

After a few days sailing around the Croatian islands with beautiful blue skies the weather deteriorated ever so slightly and a slight gusting winding started barraging our boat.

Unfortunately all our blow-up boats - for floating in the water off the Dalmation Coast - were haphazardly tied down t



We missed the bus

In the hostel I had been staying at for a week or so I got used to various people coming through, some liked to go out partying, some didn't, whatever the case may be everyone was happy there. Myself and another "long-termer" (someone who had been there longer than a couple of nights) had become f



Are you starting this visa?

After quickly visiting my cousins engagement party, being driven in an entourage with my family to the airport and a teary farewell with my nearest and dearest in the bar at Melbourne airport I was starting my adventure.

I had a few days stop through Singapore visiting my cousins then continued the journey on to the motherland.